Wednesday, August 30, 2023 is a social networking service for neighborhoods. Founded in 2008 in San Francisco, USA, the platform aims to connect neighbors to each other, allowing them to share local information, resources, and services. It serves as a hub for various neighborhood activities, including recommendations for local services, updates on local events, classifieds, crime reports, and discussions on various community issues. The goal is to foster a sense of community and neighborly connection.

Users must verify their address to join their specific neighborhood community, which helps ensure that the network remains localized and that members are actual residents of the areas they claim to live in. Verification is typically done through various methods like receiving a postcard with a unique code at the given address, confirming a phone number that matches an address, or being vouched for by an existing, verified neighbor.

Nextdoor has been praised for its role in creating local connections and for its usefulness in sharing important local updates.


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