Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Giftie culinary tour of Chicago

Giftie just launched a new Android app that allows you to take a culinary tour of Chicago. Download the app today from Google Play, subscribe with code "todor" and your first 3 meals will be on us. Don't forget to leave a review on Google Play:

Share any photos, videos and posts of your meal with #GiftieApp

Giftie provides food enthusiasts a wallet-friendly way to experience the most exciting restaurants Chicago has to offer while supporting the local culinary scene. Giftie provides members with a personalized, self-guided, culinary tour of Chicago allowing them to redeem "digital dollars” at local restaurants around Chicago.

Giftie is perfect for anyone who dines out in Chicago. Giftie members receive access to “digital dollars” at local restaurants from Andersonville to Pilsen and everywhere in between.

Giftie is a mobile app that offers your a self-guided culinary tour of Chicago by not only giving you access to the best hidden gems in Chicago but also eliminating the cost of trying them out.
To apply for membership simply download the Giftie App and register using your Facebook account. Once approved you membership gives you access to our "digital dollars" called Gifties. You can then take and use one Giftie per day and visit each restaurant in our system twice per year with a 90 day "icebox" or waiting period between visits.
Upon registration, your Giftie board is automatically loaded with dollars. Each Giftie is valued at about the price of a main entree. How do we do this? Our restaurant partners give us a limited number of free samples in exchange for marketing access and feedback from our members. If you qualify for a membership, there is simply not a better offer around.
To use a Giftie, just take the Giftie you want to use and then show the bar code to your server or cashier. It's really that easy, no minimum purchase, no blackout dates, and no hidden costs.
If you like a particular restaurant after your visit, tell your friends about it and let them get in on the Giftie experience.


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