Friday, June 7, 2024

It's National Donut Day! Celebrate with Ground Up Coffee & Bites and Chicago's Best Brews


Raise a mug (and a donut!) because today is National Donut Day! And what better way to celebrate than with a trip to Ground Up Coffee & Bites, where Chicago's favorite coffee meets the most delicious donuts?

Fresh Donuts & Classic Brews

They're serving up a delightful selection of donuts all day long, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Dive into their legendary Apple Fritter Donut, featuring a soft, yet crunchy fritter batter studded with tender apple pieces, all glazed to a delightful golden perfection.

Craving a timeless classic? They've got you covered with their Old Fashioned Donut. This cake donut boasts a unique texture, with a slightly crispy exterior giving way to a soft and sweet interior. The cracks and pores on the surface are a signature of this donut style, adding to its charm.

The Perfect Pairing

Of course, no donut is complete without a cup of their exceptional coffee. At Ground Up, they pride themselves on brewing Chicago's favorite cup of joe. Whether you prefer a smooth and balanced medium roast or a bold and rich dark roast, they have the perfect coffee to complement your donut choice.

Celebrate #NationalDonutDay with Ground Up Coffee & Bites!

Swing by Ground Up Coffee & Bites today and join everyone in celebrating National Donut Day! Grab your favorite donut, savor a cup of our exceptional coffee, and indulge in a delightful treat. 

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