Friday, April 8, 2016

Collaboration Mobile Apps

Collaboration Mobile Apps will be discussed at the Mobile Monday Chicago Meetup on June 6:
Tribe is a adaptive web application that helps people manage their work with everyone! Tribe works on desktop, mobile, and directly inside your email and never asks you to create a password or signup. It's the world's first zero-adoption task manager that everyone can use to get more done together! It's the power of Email and Tasks as one. Learn more by visiting!
Oliver is a 2015 graduate from DePaul University with a BA in public relations and advertising. In his junior year he became the first employee for the Mobile App, Wavve. At Wavve, Oliver lead business development, outside sales, and account management expanding to locations across Chicago. In his senior year he worked for Unruly, a London-based digital video-ad tech firm focused on video virality. At Unruly-Chicago he lead a company-wide research project focused around mobile, and mobile video. Oliver largely works with Tribe’s sales and marketing efforts.
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